Korin Yoroi Gallery

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There are those enchanting eyes again...   Seiji loves his sword!  ^.~   Seiji's kanji.

My favorite image of Seiji in his Korin Armor.  ^^   Seiji's glad he finally found Shuu.  (Don't know why)   What a hunky picture of Seiji-kun!

There are those enchanting eyes once again...   He is REALLY pissed off!!   Korin is found!

That bastard Cale has Seiji's neck with a chain!!!   Don't mess with Seiji-kun today!   Another image of Seiji and his beloved sword!!

Yet another image of Seiji and his sword!!   Seiji taking a break.   Seiji using Thunderbolt Cut!!

Fight Seiji, fight!!   A double image of Seiji in his Korin Armor.   His sword is cool!

Seiji's ready to fight!!!   Seiji's standing in a field.   Seiji's usual pose.

Seiji's arm is covering those cold eyes of his.   Seiji's using his sword again.   Seiji's appearance in the Samurai Troopers's Intro Theme.

Poor Seiji-kun got hurt because of that dumb-ass Shuu!  :(   Another shot of Seiji's enchanting eyes.  O.o   Korin at his fullest.  *grins*

Korin is staring off into space again.....   *cries*  Oh no!  This is the scene where Seiji gets captured by Arago after he tries to protect that dork Ryo.  *tear*  Wahhahhaahahahahahahhahahhahah!  Seiji:  Seijifreak, would you shut-up!  I'm still here aren't I?  Seijifreak:  Yes!  And I'm so grateful!  *jumps into Seiji's arms and gives him a hug*  Seiji:  *rolls eyes*  Oh brother...   That sword is soooooooo cool!  ^^  I love you Seiji!  Seiji:  Whatever.