Colored Doushinji Gallery

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Seiji is sooooo cute!  ^.~   Seiji looks good in black.  ^^   Seiji's a school boy.

Seiji, why are you putting a stuffed monkey on top of Touma's head?   My FAVORITE image of Seiji.  *drools*   Seiji really enjoys wearing those overcoats.

Seiji is such a cutie-pie when he's chibi-sized.  ^^   I just love a man in armor, don't you?  ^^   Is this not the most breath-taking image of Seiji you have ever seen?

Seiji's such an intellectual, don't you think?  ^^   Hmmmm...  Usually its Touma we see in a bandana...   Looks like Seiji-kun is in the desert or something....

Touma, give me the basketball!   I don't like this particular drawing....   Don't care for this one either...