B & W Doushinji Gallery

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Seiji looks cute in this image.  ^^   I'm not a HUGE fan of this artist...   Like I've said before, doushinji really isn't my thing...

Interesting little image...   Um, another Seiji doushinji...   O.o  Seiji is TOTALLY gorgeous in this image!

Another Seiji Doushinji.   B & W doushinji scan.   Yet another Seiji Doushinji.

Seiji looks ready for Kendo! Still drawing a blank...   Thanks Tifa for this great image of Seiji!

Awwwww!!!  Seiji must be sick or something...   How handsome!  ^^   How adorable!!

This is the CUTEST and most ADORABLE image of Seiji I've EVER seen!  ^.^   O.o Seiji has a moustache!  ^.^   These images just keep gettin' cuter and cuter...