No, I have not died. I am still alive and well and back with another update. Although it took a while *everyone on internet nods head*, I finally got my rear in gear and posted up all the new stuff added to Evil Eyes. Hopefully, everyone will forgive me for the large gap between my updates. *on hands and knees*

The most awaited bit of information everyone has been longing for is the Ask Seiji news. To find out what's happening with that, please click on the pretty red link a few words back and it'll take you there.

Some stuff has been added to Nasutei. You can go there to look at all the neato stuff just added. Also, if you have anything to contribute to that particular section of my site, or any part of my site for that matter, remember to send them on in!

Today's biggest miracle? Seijifreak didn't change the layout! Yay!! *hears cheers in the background* I LOVE this layout, so either expect no layout change, or no layout change for a long time. Coming up with something I like that works is difficult, so I hope everyone enjoys this as much as I do. I got several e-mails saying that people were tired of all the green and blue in YST sites, so I guess the change to red was a pretty good idea. I guess most shrines are dedicated to Touma, ne?

Alright, I'll stop yacking. For a complete list of all the updates done, please click here. Hopefully, my next update will be sooner. Oh, and like I mentioned before, if you've got any stuff to contribute (fanart, fanfiction, whatever), please mail me so I can post it up. Show off your Seiji obsession!