So, you think you know everything there is to know about Korin? Well, I'm here to prove you wrong. If you know as much as you think, then read on and see if I can stump you or not. Also, if you have any unknown facts that you would like to send in, please mail me. I know, I know, some of the things in here "aren't official," but they are rumored, so who knows if they are true? What do you think?

1. Just for clarification, Seiji dislikes talking to girls. He is not a flirt.

2. In the manga, Seiji could have possibly had pierced ears. (I am pretty sure this is accurate seeing as though several manga images have him wearing earrings. He did not have pierced ears in the Anime.)

3. Its rumored that Seiji dislikes the water. (Not official)

4. He is one of two Troopers with healing capabilities. (Shin has some too.)

5. Seiji is the tallest of the Troopers during the TV series. Later on in the series, however, Touma is the tallest.

6. Seiji has extremely good sight. He is able to see things others cannot; not just with his eyes, but with his spirit. (This too is an iffy thing. He does have good vision, but no one knows for sure if he can see spirits or not.)

7. Seiji is not fond of doctors; he tolerates them. (Not official)

8. Seiji was born in Miyagi.

9. Seiji could drive when he was 14.

10. Seiji is one of three characters off of Samurai Troopers with emphasis to the eye. (The other two are Rajura [Dais] and Anubis [Cale])

11. Both of Seiji's sisters have black hair.

12. Seiji has been marked as being an Empath. (Not official)

13. In some Japanese folklore, purple eyes are a sign for Demon.

14. Seji shares the same blood type as his ancester.

15. Seiji was trained to inherit his armor.

16. Seiji may have feared his armor before he got it. Its also been said that he was the only Trooper who didn't fear his armor. Nothing is really official.

17. In Kendo, you have only four places you can hit for points: Men (head), Kote (forearms), Do (the sides of the chest), and Tsuki (throat; only used at ages 16 or higher.)