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Welcome to my Nasutei image gallery. In here, you will see all kinds of pictures of the First Lady herself! I am, as always, looking for new images of Nasutei. They are hard to find because most image galleries of her are really small or really crappy or have images I already have. If you have any rare images or images I don't have, please send them to me here. I would most appreciate it. Also, if you would like to use any image off of this page, please upload it onto your own server and please take the time to link me. Thanks so very much for your help and please enjoy your stay. ^___^

Nasutei is yelling at Seiji-kun as usual for leaving her behind.   Nasutei is yelling at Kale to come and face her.   Nasutei stylin' in black sunglasses.

Nasutei staring at the sky.   A pretty head shot of Nasutei.   Nasutei with a pretty pink bow in her hair.

Nasutei in a very pretty red dress.   Nasutei is in heavy thought....   What a cutey image of Nasutei-sama!

Hide this one from Seiji....   Now this is a classy image of Nasutei...   Look at this guys!

What a small image of Nasutei....   O.o  Pretty....   Cute!!  ^_^

What are you looking at?   I was told this was Nasutei, but I'm so sure.  *sweatdrop*  If it isn't, you can always mail me.  But my resource was a reliable one, so I won't argue.   Yet another image added to my archive.

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