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Her main role in the beginning is to supply the Troopers with information about the ancient legends of their armor. However, as time moves on, the plot thickens and even she is at a loss to help the Troopers discover the hidden depths of their Yoroi. She continues to fall in and out of the series helping them and being the only real person they can rely on for help or guidance.

Stubborn and courageous, Nasutei never throws down the chance to go with the guys on one of their missions. However, she is usually left behind for safety reasons (along with Jun), which is usually issued by Seiji. ^^ When left as a damsel in distress, either Byakuen or Seiji will come to her aid. Those two have rescued her the most throughout the series, with Ryo close behind (but he saves her mostly during the first few episodes, which seems to thin out as the series progresses).

Along with supplying information, she shelters, feeds, and mothers the boys during their trials. All (except for maybe Seiji) see her as a sister figure, and think highly of her.

She is very wealthy due to an inheritance recieved by her grandfather, which she states as true in Gaiden Volume 1. It's also obvious after you catch a glimpse of the mansion she lives in that's she living comfortably. *gaping stare*

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