Name: Seijifreak
Website: Evil Eyes
Reason: Because they seem to have a connection that no other couple on YST have and there are many images with the two together.

Name: Amy
Website: --
Reason: They're sooo Kawaii together and Nasutei's such a sweet and loving person; she's just what Seiji needs!

Name: Rei
Website: --
Reason: --

Name: Sara
Website: --
Reason: I've just always thought they fit together.

Name: Katherine
Website: --
Reason: They have something dark, mysterious and sensuous, just like the romance novels. *g*

Name: Princess Mercury
Website: --
Reason: They make the perfect couple because the others don't make sense! ^^

Name: JFC
Website: Ningenkai: The Human World
Reason: They have a lot in common and they're a very popular pairing, besides being my favorite.

Name: Relena Maxwell
Website: --
Reason: I dunno... It's kinda hard to describe and put into words, I just think they're soul mates ya know?

Name: Silphymon
Website: Mysterious Lovers
Reason: They're two soulmates destined to be together like the Crests Friendship, Love, Hope, and Light.

Name: Nagia
Website: --
Reason: Seiji is harsh and cold, Nasuti is sweet and outgoing. They are perfect for each other. She teaches him that emotions aren't bad things, he teaches her that one *can* be too warm.

Name: Rekka-chan
Website: One Voice
Reason: Very much so.

Name: Nasuti-san
Website: --
Reason: ....Yes.

Name: Robyn M.
Website: S.C.P.F.'s Jellicle Apartments
Reason: Cuz I can't see Seiji with anyone else! (Unless it's Touma...)

Name: Turquoise
Website: --
Reason: Though more people seem to support Seiji and Touma as lovers, I think there is more evidence that Seiji and Nasutei become a couple. (I don't have anything against Seiji and Touma! So don't flame me!)

Name: Ashley
Website: Love, Luck, and Lollipops
Reason: They're just sooooo cute together. Plus he opens up to her more than anyone it seems...and if they hook up, it'll stop the Seiji x Touma speculation. Meh.

Name: Max
Website: Max's Fanfiction
Reason: Two reasons-One because of the evidence in the series, and two, Seiji truly understands how a woman thinks and feels, look at who he grew up with, o he understands her perfectly.

Name: Relena Maxwell
Website: --
Reason: Hehe... Dearie, you only wanna' know ALL of my answers if ya got about two days time to spare. But to save time (and my voice), I'll just put it this way: EVERYTHING.

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