I have had a few questions about what I think about the show Samurai Troopers in general. Well, first off, I have to say that in general the show is GREAT!!! ^^ The show is a huge anime hit in my opinion even though it was never really all that popular. It was one of those classic cartoons of the 80's. I think it really sucks that Samurai Troopers wasn't as popular as say Gundam.

Now, I know I dislike most of the characters off the show, but it was still good. It was those few characters I really did like that made the show worth wild. It was a classic. You had your basic good guys; Ryo, Shuu, Shin, Touma, and Seiji. Then you had your bad guys; the four warlords and of course, Arago. The good guys had to defeat the bad guys in order to save the world. Basic, yet effective, plot. Whoever the creator of this show is, is a total genius.

I also like that in this show, there wasn't a big romance. Yes, I know, I have a huge section about the love between Seiji and Nasutei. But come on, think about it. If anyone has ever watched the show Sailor Moon, you know a big part of the show revolves around the love between Sailor Moon and Tuxedo Kamen. In Samurai Troopers, you know some is going on, but its not tossed out in the open. Personally, I don't really like big romances because I think that it makes the show really sappy. I am much more interested in the battle then I am the sissy romance. However, I think a small romance is neccesary for a good show. I think that the romance was done very well in this show and that its really great how the creator let's you guess about who Nasutei hooks up with.

Along with the small romance role Samurai Troopers has, it is also an unpredicted one. Okay, how many animes have you watched, that the main leader dude of the group gets the girl. In Gundam, Heero got Relena, in Sailor Moon, she got Tuxedo Kamen. You would think in Samurai Troopers that Ryo would get Nasutei, but he doesn't. There are many hints of Nasutei and Seiji hooking up later on in the series. Ryo and Nasutei were never meant to be any more than friends. I like how things weren't so routine. I am glad the leader, for once, didn't end up with the heroine of the group.

Well, I also like Samurai Troopers because it had great music and was really entertaining. There was always a big crisis going on and the Troopers did more then just sit around and drink tea. They were actually out there in the streets fighting. Those are just a few reasons why I like the show Samurai Troopers. ^^ Do you agree?