Welcome to the Seiji & Nasutei gallery!! In here, you will get to see images of the lovely couple together!! There are going to be lots of images in here, so keep visiting for more. Oh, please don't take any image off of this page because I worked my ass off on this page and I would appreciate it if you would ASK FIRST! Also, if you would like to submit any images, please feel free to send them in! :P

Anime Images

Seiji concentrating with Nasutei in the waterfall.   Seiji and Nasutei lying underneath the waterfall.   Seiji and Nasutei falling off a cliff.

Seiji and Nasutei surrounded by wolves.   Seiji and Nasutei surrounded by wolves again.  (Ahh.  Seiji is protecting his woman!)   Seiji and Nasutei standing by a rock.

Seiji and Nasutei laughing.   Seiji protecting Nasutei.   Seiji wrapping his arms around Nasutei as they fall down a cliff.

Seiji and Nasutei in the car.   Seiji and Nasutei walking down the street arm in arm.   Seiji and Nasutei trying to avoid water.

Um Seiji, don't you think that's a little too close?   What a terrible snow storm!   Seiji and Nasutei in the stars.

Seiji and Nasutei driving in her car.   Thanks 'The Bourques' for this great image of Seiji and Nasutei!  ^^   Cute.

Black & White Doushinji Images

This is the most kawaii image of the two together I've ever seen!!  Seiji:  Why is Nasutei's hand down my shirt?  Seijifreak:  Don't complain Seiji!   Here comes the bride...   What's cooking Nasutei?

Seiji and Nasutei always look so happy together!  ^^   How cute!  Nasutei's blushing!  ^^   A manga image of Seiji and Nasutei taking a break.

Colored Doushinji Images

Seiji and Nasutei VERY close.  ^^   Seiji and Nasutei at a party.  

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