COMIC STRIP! _____________________ 1. LEFT TOP: (Title) In Japanese> "Kare no Nukumori" *In English> "His Warm Heart" (Dialog) *In English> "A winter with a Lover" *Nasuti Speaks: "It's COLD!" In Japanese> Samuiyo Koibito No Fuyo _____________________ 2. LEFT 2 ROW: (Dialog) Seiji: "Here," In Japanese> "Umu" !!TRANSLATOR SPEAKING!! or he's agreeing with her that it's cold? 'Umu', really isn't a word, more of a "ahhhhh" expression. !!TRANSLATOR SPEAKING!! Ack...dude, um, I know it is 'Atta Kami' in Jap, but I can't think of the English meaning, so I'm assuming on this one. But I guarantee it's damn close! LOL Nasuti: "Much better" * In Japanese> "Atta Kami" (there's a little symbol at the bottom, it's referring that Nasuti is blushing at his close gesture) *kawaii!* _________________ 3. LEFT 3 ROW *The symbol above Seiji's head represents that he's humming, making the point..Minding his own business, not aware of Nasuti. So, if I was you, I would just write "Hmmmmm" For Seiji or how ever you make a person hum. LOL* Seiji: "hmmmmmmm" Nasuti: "My hands are so COLD!" In Japanese> "Tadaima Samukatta!" *I believe the Hiragana character to the left of Nasuti represents Nasuti "thinking" * Translations > "Nasuti is thinking how to warm up her hands." *When the symbols are off to the side their meaning is to explain the person in discussion motives or actions...i.e. 'thinking' or 'doing'* __________________ 4. BOTTOM LEFT Nasuti: "It's so WARM!" In Japanese> "Atakai" Seiji's reaction (Symbol to his left): "ahhhh!!" *Symbol to right...a little hard to say exact meaning, can mean many things, best shot. Nasuti is thinking how nice it feels due to that her hands are no longer cold* Exact Translation/Nasuti thinks: "Feels nice!" In Japanese> "Zubo-" _______________________________________ Opposite side _______________________________________ 1.RIGHT TOP: (Title) In English> Is it too much too think? In Japanese> Kangae sugi kana ka Nasuti speaks: "Look at this!" In Japanese> "Kore iinaa" ___________________ 2. RIGHT 2 ROW Nasuti: "Seiji would look very good!" In Japanese> "Seiji masashi Ni niaisu" ___________________ 3. RIGHT 3 ROW *nothing is said.* ___________________ 4. BOTTOM RIGHT Nasuti: "This would be warm on" In Japanese> Kore Ni shiyo kana Symbol to left..Sale sign: "WARM COTTON UNDERWEAR!!" END __________________