Before reading, I suggest you throw away your sensitivity and be prepared for a little character bashing. I'm not really cruel, but there are a few negative opinions posted about particular characters in here. If you're sensitive or your feelings are hurt easily, I suggest you leave.



I think it's pretty obvious Seiji is at the top of my list, ne? There are many, many reasons why I adore him so. The list could go on for days. He is perfect in every way, and at the same time, has so many flaws. He's immature when it comes to the human heart, but at the same time he strives to be pure. His rebellious and obedient nature conflict throughout the seasons of YST, making him all the more mysterious.

Shuuten is soooooo dreamy and cool!!!!

Ah, the strong and silent Shuuten. The coolest Ancient and the coolest Masho. In either form he was strong, strategic, and very powerful. His weapon was great (second best in the show), and his attack was even better. It was a shame when he died in the end.

Suzunagi is kick-ass!

Suzunagi is the greatest chick on the show!! Well, okay, maybe she's tied with Nasutei, but I still love her! She is sooooo wicked. She traps each of the Troopers in their Yorois based on the manuscript (something relating to the season, won't go into any details about it). Sometimes she wants to harm the Troopers, and other times she wants to save them from their fates as Samurai Troopers. Throughout the season, she switches between child and woman. In the end, she's the one who gives the Troopers their most powerful Yoroi.

Nasutei is soooo pretty!!!!

Most people can't stand Nasutei, which escapes me. True, she tends to speak too much, especially when she gets on a roll about the Yoroi, but besides that, she's really not that bad. She provides for the Troopers throughout the series, and seems to be the only one capable of getting Seiji to soften up.

I love the New York accent and the blue hair!!!!!!

Touma wasn't really a favorite of mine in the beginning. He seemed pretty worthless, especially in the first season when the spotlight was so focused around Seiji and Ryo. Second season he stepped forth and showed he had backbone, as well as some decent fighting skills.

Eats toooooooo much...

Shuu used to be another non-favorite of mine. However, once I received the OAVs, I found him to be rather comical, not stupid like he had been in the previous seasons. Although he was still hot-headed and brash, he seemed different somehow, like he was more mature in a playful kind of way. Not to mention the moment when he knocked Uncle Chin's hand off Nasutei's shoulder was priceless!

Mukara's Woman...

Not much to say about Naria. She was the fiance of Mukura in case there are those of you who haven't seen the OAV's yet. Naria didn't say much, nor did she play much of a role. She was there to help bring some sense to Mukura and help the Troopers out from time to time. Nothing really bad to say about her. The story was definately more interesting because of her.

Rajura is annoying, but he is cute!  ^^

The second most productive Masho. I found him adorable when he tormented Shuu, and I love the whole eye-patch thing. However, he proved more than annoying when he got on a roll talking. He was also beaten on more than one occassion due to his arrogance.


Leader of the Tauragi and the future husband of Naria. An excellent fighter, but extremely annoying. He doesn't say anything throughout the entire season except these weird phrases shouted in some language that I couldn't understand. He also says "Naria" at the end of the season after she is almost killed.

What a loser!!!!

Ryo is extremely annoying. He is a very confused character. Whether he's in pain or worried about his friends, he never really knows what to do. He whines a lot and is ALWAYS angry about something. He also can't destroy anything without the help of the other Yoroi.

Naaza, you talk way too much!!

This character appeared in way too many episodes. There should have been about five episodes less with Naaza in them. He was, BY FAR, the most annoying Masho. He spoke CONTINUOUSLY, and he never really accomplished much of anything. I will say that he gave Ryo and Shin a very hard time.


I'm not really sure why I dislike her. I just kind of, do. Maybe it's because she was a little too powerful. Maybe I'm sore at her for beating up the other Troopers. I don't know really. I just don't care for her character. She seems snobbish, and her attitude bugs me, not to mention her laugh in the dub was ear-ringing.

Ugly jerk.

Annoying from beginning to end. There is just no way to put it. He spoke too much and was around for too many seasons.

Anubis you bastard!!  Leave Seiji-kun alone!!!!!

I guess you could say I had a personal grudge against this guy from the beginning. For one thing, he was always messin' with my man, Seiji. That right there annoyed me. He also seemed to be the most worthless Masho. Most of what he accomplished was done with the assistance of the other Masho. He wasn't even able to bring Seiji into the Dynasty. Arago had to step in and capture Seiji after Anubis was defeated.

Dumb-ass fish lover.

I don't like him. I really don't like him. Shin has caused more problems for the other Troopers than he has helped. Constantly is he fighting within himself for answers. He's always trying to stand to the side and not fight, because he feels fighting is wrong. Even though the other Troopers felt fighting was wrong, they didn't just sit there and not fight. I guess I have a grudge against him for not fighting against Mukara in Kikoutei.

Annoying little bastard.

Worthless, annoying, must die. I hate this kid. He is always getting in the way and his dub voice is unbearable. It's that whiny little seven year-old voice. The kid needs to be fed to Byakuen. He's the reason Nasutei was in so much trouble all of the time.


Well, that's it. I don't have all the characters in here, yet. I am going to post some more, just not at the moment. I won't have all the bad guys. In fact, I'm thinking about removing Naria. She wasn't really a very vital character as far as I was concerned. Oh well, I'll decide what I want to do later. Hope your favorite character wasn't dissed TOO badly. Hehe.