First off, I guess I should say that lots of updates were done to the Nasutei section of my site. Images were added as well as some articles regarding her character role in the series. A definite must for any Nasutei fan.

I finally got a new message board in. There's only one message in there, which was written by me, but I'm hoping it will grow when all you wonderful people rush over to activities and sign it for me and start all kinds of wonderful new conversations with lots of wonderful new people. ^^

'Adopt Seiji' has been done away with. Not only was it the most unpopular part of my site (like, three people actually applied), but I didn't even have an adoption made up for it, and it wasn't going anywhere. Evil Eyes is better off without it. Perhaps someone has a suggestion with what I can replace it with?

I fixed that annoying guestbook thingy. You know, where the 'comments' box should have been larger and the 'location' box smaller.

I guess that's about it for updates. Please send in any comments, suggestions, questions, or requests. Oh, and be sure to send your fanart and fanfiction in too. Seiji and Nasutei want your support! =D


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